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High filling accuracy F1 AMV filling machine for thick oil

Model: F1 AMV filling machine
Usage: Fill all thickness e liquid
Filling speed: 0.5ml cartridge 1200pcs/hour
Power supply: AC 100-230V 300W
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F1 AMV Oil Filling Machine Sell Points

1. Automatic filling machine.

2. Can fill CBD cartridge, disposable pen, oil bottle, capsule, 510/808d cartomizer, etc

3. 0.5ml capacity container, filling speed: 1200pcs/hour

4. Repeat filling accuracy: ±0.009g 
5. With unique Archimedes Metering Valves for very thick/heavy oil 

6. Already test 20000 pcs our CBD oil cartridge , no leakage after filling

7. Package with wooden case, no damage.
8. English instruction manual to tell how to operate.



F1 AMV Oil Filling Machine Descriptions

1. Teach pendent in English interface, easy operation.
2. Dispense points, lines, surface, circles, arc, irregular curves, three axis controllable.
3. The software has array, horizontal move and rotate operation function.

4. Size of oil, speed of oil spread, dispensing time, time of halting dispensing can be arranged 

as per needs. With this method, glue exudation is quite stable with no glue leaking and dripping.

5. According to the production process, the working platform can be installed for positioning 

PIN, sole-plate heating and temperature regulating device.

We can do what we can to suit your requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.



F1 AMV Oil Filling Machine Specification  


 Ocitytimes F1 AMV Oil Filling machine

Brand name


Working area (X*Y*Z)



 X & Y/Z (mm/sec): 0.1~800/ 500

Positional Accuracy

 0.05mm/ Axis

Repeated filling accuracy


Program display

 Teach pendant LCD

Programming method

 Teach pendant

Power supply

 AC 100-220V, 300W

Filling machine dimension

 L550mm * W550mm * Z650mm

Machine weight

 Approx. 100KG

Working environment

 Working relative humidity: 20-80%RH no condensation;

 Working temperature: 0-40℃


 6 Kg/ 2Kg

Program capacity

 Min 100 group, 4000 points/ group 

Data storage type

 CF Card

Motor system

 Micro stepping motor

Control method


Interpolation function

 3 axes(suit for 3D requirement)

I/O signals port

 8 inputs/ 8 outputs

Working life

 over 10 years

Note: If you want to add the component of the machine is available, and we can custom the  fixture according to your ecig.

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