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Blue Hole New Consumer Report, December 2 news, according to foreign news reports, Australian doctor Colin Mendelsohn (Colin Mendelsohn) new book on e-cigarettes was published in time, which can be given as holiday gifts to smokers, new e-cigarette users, Nervous family members of smokers and e-cigarette users and open-minded smoking cessation consultants.

The book is called Stop Smoking, Start Vaping and can be purchased online from Amazon and Barnes & Noble in the United States. It can be obtained from multiple sites in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Mendelsohn is an Australian doctor who has worked directly with smokers for more than 30 years. A few years ago, he was introduced to the idea of e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking. He immediately seized the potential and plunged into the most unnecessary argument in the world.

His motivation is to help save smokers from disease and death (both his father and father-in-law died of cancer due to smoking). However, in Australia, the position of tobacco control activists and medical organizations is that there is almost universal belief in the ban on nicotine and e-cigarettes, which is a struggle.

Readers got some inspiration in "Quit Smoking and Start Using Electronic Cigarettes", but this book is not a memoir. This is indeed a guide for potential e-cigarette users, as well as an explanation of the science and controversy of e-cigarettes. Although it suits Australian readers to some extent, Mendelssohn isolates Australia-specific political discussions in a single chapter and makes most of the book basically universal. When his suggestion is only for Australia, it has been clearly explained.

For those who will benefit from e-cigarettes, stop smoking and start e-cigarettes to provide information and advice to help them get started—and inspiration in the form of short resumes of former smokers who have switched to e-cigarettes. This book provides an excellent overview of e-cigarette science, cites original research, and debunks many stories that potential e-cigarette users may have seen, such as popcorn lungs and "EVALI". If you are a smoker and are scared off by e-cigarettes, this book is reassuring, but it is not one-sided.

Mendelssohn's text is clear and easy to understand. He doesn't feel like a scientist trying to impress people with his sharpness (he is not writing for scientists either), but his goal is not low. Almost anyone who is interested in or participating in the e-cigarette debate-such as politicians and medical professionals-can understand and benefit from reading this book.

In other words, quitting smoking and starting to smoke e-cigarettes are indeed suitable for people who smoke or have just quit smoking. It is divided into different sections, so potential e-cigarette users can read it in sections—for example, first the operation method section, and then come back to see the science and explanation of the news controversy. Mendelssohn even created a glossary of e-cigarette terms.

The only argument I can think of against this book is price. I'm not saying that it is particularly expensive (US$26.95 in the US), but one of the main obstacles for smokers to consider e-cigarettes is usually the start-up cost-and worry that if e-cigarettes cannot replace cigarettes, the investment will be wasted. Now we ask them Purchase an e-cigarette device and a book. But this is not the main objection.

Colin Mendelsohn (Colin Mendelsohn) has impressive qualifications-because any doctor who wants to oppose his field's dominant philosophy in e-cigarettes must do so. Mendelsohn is a doctor and has been a general practitioner for nearly 30 years. He is a smoking cessation expert and previously served as the vice chairman of the Australian Association of Smoking Cessation Experts, the leading organization of smoking cessation experts in the country.

As the founding chairman of the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association (ATHRA), Mendelssohn may be a leader in reversing Australia's destructive policies that criminalize e-cigarette and e-cigarette companies. Mendelssohn was rewarded for his desire to bring low-risk nicotine options to Australian smokers, and carried out a despicable attack on his character and reputation, including unfounded claims that he was funded by the tobacco industry.

The National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCSCT) has supported the cessation of smoking and the use of e-cigarettes in its mailing list for smoking cessation professionals. This book has been well received by smoking and nicotine experts such as Riccardo Polosa, John Britton, and Peter Hajek. And Neil Benowitz.



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