The national standard for electronic cigarettes is officially released, and the era of 'standards to follow' is coming

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China's release of the mandatory national standard for e-cigarettes means the end of a long-term production phase of e-cigarettes without national standards, which is a pioneering phase in the history of the industry.

As of October 1, all e-cigarette products must be produced according to the national standard, and the 101 additives permitted by the national standard will be added in limited amounts.

Only electronic cigarette products produced in accordance with national standards can enter the national transaction management platform for sales and circulation. Sanwu electronic cigarette factories and small workshops will officially bid farewell.

The era of electronic cigarette supervision with "standards to follow and evidence to manage" has officially arrived.

Introduction background:

Based on ensuring the health of the people, relevant departments have carried out scientific safety risk assessments, conducted in-depth research and fully learned from the regulations and standards of the International Organization for Standardization, developed countries and regions, etc. Strict requirements have been put forward for key risk points such as materials to ensure the scientificity, applicability and advanced nature of the standards.

The formulation of electronic cigarette management measures, national standards for electronic cigarettes and other supporting policies are all to implement the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to promote the legalization of the electronic cigarette industry, standardize governance requirements, solve the outstanding problems in the current electronic cigarette market and industry, and protect the people. The health of the masses is the starting point and end point, and it is also an important measure to conscientiously implement the Tobacco Monopoly Law and its implementation regulations.

The main content of the national standard for electronic cigarettes:

The main content of the national standard for electronic cigarettes can be summarized into 10 points:

1. It should not be inductive to minors, and the characteristic flavor of the product should not show other flavors than tobacco.

Interpretation: Flavored electronic cigarettes such as fruit are prohibited, and only mixed-flavor cartridges with tobacco flavor are allowed.

2. The nebulizer should contain nicotine.

Interpretation: Nebulizers that do not contain nicotine, such as niobium and herbal nebulizers, should not be encouraged.

3. Nicotine extracted from tobacco should be used, and the purity should not be less than 99% (mass fraction).

Interpretation: Synthetic nicotine will no longer be allowed.

4. Electronic cigarette devices and cartridges using electronic cigarette liquid should have a closed structure to prevent artificial filling. For e-cigarettes or cartridges filled with e-cigarette liquid, inspect to determine whether additional substances can be added.

Interpretation: Open electronic cigarettes are cool, including large smoke and oil-filled pods.

5. Electronic cigarette devices and cartridges using electronic cigarette liquid should have good sealing and should not leak. For electronic cigarettes or cartridges filled with electronic cigarette liquid, place them on absorbent paper that meets the requirements of GB/T 1540 in the most unfavorable direction possible for at least 6 hours. Visually inspect the absorbent paper for traces of e-cigarette liquid.

Interpretation: No leakage has become a mandatory standard, which will allow manufacturers to invest resources and funds to do research and development.

6. The electronic cigarette should have the function of preventing children from starting and preventing accidental starting.

Interpretation: Child locks that prevent children from being used will become an essential feature of cigarette rods.

7. The temperature of the atomization area should not be higher than 350 ℃.

Interpretation: It basically covers liquid and solid electronic cigarettes.

8. The concentration of nicotine in the aerosol should not be higher than 20 mg/g, and the total amount of nicotine should not be higher than 200 mg.

Interpretation: The nicotine content of pods listed in the future cannot exceed 20mg/g, 3%, and 5% of the era is over.

9. The amount of nicotine released should not be higher than 0.2 mg/puff.

Interpretation: Control the amount of nicotine released per inhalation.

10. There are provisions for the list of temporarily permitted substances and the maximum amount of use of atomized additives, the number is 101, and sweeteners and cooling agents can be added.

Interpretation: From the 125 kinds of whitelists in the draft to the 101 kinds of whitelists in the official version, it means that all manufacturers will make a fuss around this, and the craftsmen will work hard for no seasoning.

E-cigarette national standard historical progress table:

On October 11, 2017, the plan was released

October 16, 2019, under approval

October 18, 2021, Approving Fallback to Under Review

November 18, 2021, under review falls back to under draft

November 30, 2021, is soliciting comments

March 19, 2022, under review

March 25, 2022, under approval

April 12, 2022, officially released

October 1, 2022, officially implemented

The release of the national standard is of great significance: a milestone in the history of electronic cigarette development

1. The release of the national standard means that the era of electronic cigarette supervision with “standards to follow and evidence to manage” has arrived. This is an important milestone in the history of China’s electronic cigarette development.

2. The whole industry chain will adopt the same standard. Including electronic cigarette factories, atomizers, nicotine manufacturers and brands, R&D and production will be carried out in strict accordance with national standards from today, and it will no longer be produced by companies according to internal standards, which is conducive to the use of the same evaluation dimension for electronic cigarette products. detection.

3. The national standard of electronic cigarettes is the first, and the application for licensing qualifications is followed up. After the release of the national standard, factories and brands will apply for tobacco production licenses according to the relevant rules, so as to obtain legal production qualifications as soon as possible and enter the next step of electronic cigarette supervision.

4. After the regulation of electronic cigarettes comes into effect, the non-national standard electronic cigarette products currently on the market will become out of print. It is recommended that you can collect them.

5. The release of the national standard for electronic cigarettes will become an important reference for countries around the world. At the same time, it will continue to consolidate China's leading position in the manufacture of electronic cigarettes. After the standard is released, it will be conducive to more scientific research investment and further enhance the strength and status of electronic cigarette powerhouses.

6. For the retail side, the shopkeepers have no impact for the time being. The impact on the retail side depends on the e-cigarette management measures implemented on May 1, as well as the corresponding transition period or buffer period.

7. All e-cigarette practitioners and users should thank the competent authorities and the staff of the e-cigarette national standard working group!

Welcome to the new era of electronic cigarettes together!



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